Announcement: Revenue Engineer goes Agency!

Over the past few years it’s become apparent that one of the major causes of failed marketing automation platforms is the lack of internal resources and focus to build the basic system infrastructure.  I’ve watched many companies waste money on systems they don’t support, which then limits the efficiency of their marketing team and the types of campaigns they can run.

Having said that, I have also witnessed several companies who have excelled with marketing automation and have been able to increase revenue and realize a solid ROI. gaminator download pc   These companies seem to taken one of two routes: they have dedicated resources such as a marketing operations team that are focused on building and maintaining the marketing automation system or they outsource this responsibility to an agency. nyerögépes játék

It is because of this trend that I have accepted a position as a Marketing Automation Consultant with the largest global Eloqua partner, Verticurl.  In this role I will continue to focus on building and enhancing revenue engines for multiple clients by understanding their business processes, translating them into technical specifications, and passing them to Verticurl’s production team (the largest team of Eloqua certified resources anywhere in the world) to build.

This move to an agency will give me even more visibility into how organizations are using marketing automation, CRM, and RPM, which will lead to more quality content on this blog.  I hope you enjoy the content that is being prepared and, as always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments you have regarding the topics discussed. élö tippmix fogadás