How exactly to become Islam – The Testimony of belief (Shahada)

How exactly to become Islam – The Testimony of belief (Shahada)

Becoming a Muslim is an easy and easy process. What one has doing will be state a sentence known as Testimony of belief (Shahada), that is pronounced as:

These Arabic words suggest, a€?There is no real god (deity) but God (Allah), and Muhammad will be the Messenger (Prophet) of God.a€? as soon as a person states the Testimony of religion (Shahada) with conviction and understanding its meaning, next he or she is actually a Muslim.

The most important part, a€?There is no genuine deity but goodness,a€? ensures that not one has got the to getting worshipped but Jesus by yourself, and therefore goodness has actually neither partner nor boy. The second parts means that Muhammad had been a true Prophet delivered by goodness to humankind.

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It’s not just you

When you yourself have followed the assistance above and transformed into Islam yourself, next be assured that you are not alone, rather the exact same faith try discussed by 1.7 billion someone. We suggest you notify all of us today through the e mail us shape or through a€?Live Helpa€?, to make certain that we are able to provide you with of use methods and suggestions, suitable for you as a unique Muslim.

Some Typically Common Myths

Some people , though they accept it getting the real religion of God, due to some misconceptions. They e, once you understand some Arabic, enlightening others of the conversion, once you understand some Muslims, or perhaps not creating committed many sins, are conditions for conversion process a€“ but the the truth is that none of these are valid reasons for delaying the conversion.

If you’d like for more information on these along with other comparable misconceptions, please see the article, a€?I would like to become a Muslim but. Stories about Converting to Islam (3 elements)a€?.

Pertaining To Anyone Not Yet Certain

Islam states become real method to God. The thing that makes one faith appropriate over various other ideologies is the proofs it includes because of its truthfulness. Ergo, one needs to examine these proofs, weigh them and need the best decision. You need is honest in one single’s endeavour and most importantly look for assistance from the Almighty to steer him/her off to the right road.

If someone remains perhaps not persuaded of truthfulness of Islam, then he or she can furthermore look at the proofs Islam provides. Islam offers intimidating proofs of the truthfulness and is the only real religion that totally attracts commonsense.

A few of the proofs Islam grants are: the clinical proofs within the Quran, the wonders performed because of the Prophet Muhammad and prophesies of his arriving past scriptures, the foretold happenings mentioned when you look at the Quran that afterwards came to move, the unmet crossdresser heaven PЕ™ihlГЎsit se obstacle from the Quran to carry also a chapter adore it, together with divine knowledge within the guidelines and theories of Islam which cover all aspects of life. To learn more about the proofs of Islam, please look into the posts under this part, a€?Evidence Islam is Trutha€?.