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LPS that have a massive urges step 3/ Woke upwards this morning and found one to my Faviid had discover some restaurants

Faviid eating hermit crab! Cant believe that there mouth can open so wide. There goes one of my blue legged crabs. <yikes. cool picture though. Shawn. I'd like to use this picture with your permission in a future presentation or article perhaps. If you would be willing to give your permission, could I trouble you to send the original (full-sized) image to me at and copy it to here as well in case Bob would like to post/use it? If that suits you, please also include your full name as you would like to have it cited for credit (and an address to mail any possible printed copy to). No worries if you cannot share it, my friend. A very cool shot. indeed large zooplankton . Expensive too if it becomes a habit. Ha! Best regards, Anthony>

Hermit crab ? Fixing to buy some hermit crabs and I was wondering if there were any another animals I could put in the aquarium with them. Thanks!

A good Crab-Eat-Crab-Community?

Just a quick question. I just put 1 electric blue hermit crab into my 55 gallon tank. he is about an inch and a half to two inches long and was told by the local fish store that he was no danger to my several small (1/4 – 1/2 inch long) blue legged hermits. Please let me know if you see a potential problem with this situation. Thanks much, you guys are great.

I would personally remain an incredibly romantic vision throughout these crabs, and get prepared to intervene when escort girl Scottsdale you see some one measurements upwards their tankmates getting a meal!

Hermit Shell fell inside of Open Brain coral Anthony and or Crew, Sorry about using the old e-mail, but I could not get my browser to work for some reason. I have just started to read “Book of Coral Propagation” and both this web site, Bob’s, and yours books have been very helpful but I have not found anything about this particular problem. I just noticed after feeding the fish tonight that a hermit shell is inside of my Rose Brain (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi), I sure hope the coral had a nice meal? The hermit crab probably fell from the rock that is close by into the coral if I take my best guess. My question is should I go ahead an gently try and remove the shell or should I let the coral try and push it out? 22bet fogadóiroda I know Anthony I left the door open on that last part LOL. gaminator szint táblázat <took a soft pass at it > I have also attached two pictures for your viewing pleasure. 887 tippmix Thanks for your help. be Smiling TTFN Sean