Welcome to the Revenue Engineer blog!

My name is Joe Gelata. I’ve spent the last decade building revenue engines for both large and small companies across the B2B technology space. From this position my goal is to offer blog content based on real world experiences. I’ll provide examples of what did and didn’t work, how industry developments impact revenue professionals like us, and bring in the voice of other revenue engineers with new and innovative points of view.


What is Revenue Engineer about?

As traditional marketing responsibilities continue to grow toward the bottom of the funnel many marketers are finding their title of Creative, Communication, Campaign, Lead Generation, and even Marketing Manager no longer encompasses everything they do. Focus has shifted toward managing the entire funnel – from prospect to cash. A more fitting title: Revenue Engineer. This site is designed to bring you information on, best practices for, advice about, and experience from the entire revenue engine. This includes building, filling, and improving it.


Why is this blog different?

I’m not a vendor pushing a single product, a client-side manager with stories from one company, or an analyst firm publishing statistics. I’m someone building and administering marketing automation and RPM systems, designing and managing campaigns, sifting through click-through rates, conversion rates, and pipeline reports, tweaking emails and landing pages, and spending every morning reading about the latest marketing best practices and every afternoon trying to figure out how on earth they can actually be implemented. This blog is about real experiences and converting them from abstract concept to practical implementation.


Who should visit this site?

This site is for anyone interested in building the perfect revenue engine within their organization:
• Marketing & Sales Operations
• Field Marketing and Campaign Managers
• Marketing & Sales Management
• Marketing Automation and CRM Administrators


How can I get involved with this site?

If there’s an issue you would like to see addressed, an experience you want to share, a link you feel is valuable, or you just have some general feedback – positive or negative – please comment or contact me


Is there any fine print?

Kind of. Full disclosure – I currently work for a global marketing agency that is partnered with Eloqua and several CRM vendors. I also have experience client-side with SMB and large enterprise software companies, several CRM systems, and multiple marketing automation platforms. By using this experience and including the voice of others I hope to offer a completely neutral perspective on the topics discussed on the blog.


Enjoy the site!