Email Testing 1

The Truth About Email Testing

Everyone and their brother/sister are now singing the praises of A/B and multivariate email testing.  But as a marketer I like to differentiate myself so I’ll play devil’s advocate.  This post challenges these email testing methods to see how accurate they really are.  The results are a little scary. Background After almost a decade in […]

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Short Grass, Short Marketing Content

Marketing Content: Short and Sweet Wins the Race

Fluff in marketing content is dead – or at least it should be.  This article serves as a reminder (and hopefully an example) of this.  Get to your point quickly to be more effective. Recent Events Several recent events have reminded me that short marketing content is not being used as often as it should […]

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Grand Central Station

Eloqua Contact Routing Made Easy

Summary One particularly painful challenge that Eloqua users often face is contact routing between programs.  Eloqua is extremely flexible and built to manage routing effectively.  However, new users often don’t understand the full depth of flexibility causing this piece of the puzzle to be overlooked early in a deployment.  Unknown to Eloqua Admins the problem […]

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Campaign Creation Template

I lead an extremely unstructured life.  Chauffer to two busy kids, husband to my wonderful wife, conference calls at all hours of the day and night (perks of working for a truly global company), frequent travel, and all the side projects you can imagine (including the never-ending basement reno!).  No two days are ever the […]

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