Influencing Buyer Decisions Using Video

Influencing Buyer Decisions

Running Demand Generation at a company that offers the leading Video Marketing Platform means I have to include video as a major component of almost every campaign we run (we gotta eat our own dog-food!).  But when it comes down to it my responsibility is all about influencing buyer decisions to drive pipeline through any means necessary – video or non-video.  This means “I have to include video” only holds true as long as video is actually generating results. tippmix szelvény

If you’ve been hit by any Vidyard campaigns recently you’ve noticed that they contained video.  Whether it was a video thumbnail in an email, a personalized video invite on a landing page, or piles of content on a video hub – we use video everywhere.  The important thing to note is that we use it because it’s working great, not just because it highlights our platform. sportfogadás bónusz befizetés nélkül

We use video across the entire revenue funnel (and beyond) because our testing has shown a dramatic increase in conversions when video is used effectively.  It’s effective because we can communicate more information than any other medium which obviously helps when it comes to influencing buyer decisions.

To prove that this is the case Vidyard has created an infographic to highlight exactly how effective video is an influencing buyer decisions.  So don’t just take my word for it – see below to learn how video is boosting conversions. bukméker összehasonlítás

You can find the original infographic on the Vidyard Blog.

How Video Marketing Influences Your Customers