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Lead Scoring has long an important piece of demand generation and will likely continue to grow in complexity and value. india covid ivermectin   I’ve compiled some of my experiences in the posts listed below.  I hope you enjoy and it helps you find fast and more value from your lead scoring efforts. ivermectin dose…

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Lead Scoring 301: Webinar and Video Lead Scoring

Summary Traditional lead scoring allows us to score on profile data from within our marketing automation system and even from outside platforms such as CRM and data-warehouses.  We can also score based on engagement data stored in our marketing automaton system such as e-mail clicks, website visits, and form submits.  However, this misses one important…

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Lead Scoring 202: Advanced Lead Scoring Features

Summary If yore using a flexible marketing automation system there are many ‘enhancements’ you can be build into your lead scoring programs.  The list is growing all the time but I thought I’d list some of the popular advanced lead scoring enhancements I’ve built in the past. can you give ivermectin to a cat Program…

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Lead Scoring 201: Using Multiple Lead Scoring Programs

Summary The concept of lead scoring is fairly simple – give a contact points for how well they match up with profile attributes of your buyer personas and how engaged they are with you (determined by website visit, email engagement, requests for info, etc.).  However, right out of the gate most organizations run into a…

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Lead Scoring 102: Select Lists

There’s been a lot of focus on lead scoring recently, especially in the Eloqua community.  Historically, Eloqua has offered one of the most powerful lead scoring models, which is built on the Program Builder engine.  Program Builder doesn’t score high on the user-friendly scale which has pushed Eloqua to launch an entirely new lead scoring…


Why Lead Scoring is a Terrible Idea

Summary One of the most commonly pitched features of Marketing Automation is lead scoring.  This gives MA users the ability to score the quality of a leads explicit profile information (job title, industry, revenue…) and implicit engagement activity (website visits, event registrations, email click-throughs…) allowing your sales team to prioritize leads and focus their efforts…