Revenue Engineer Blog

7 Things You Will Ask About The Revenue Engineer Blog

What are you?

Let’s start with what I’m not.  I’m not a best practice consultant, I don’t claim to be an industry expert, and I don’t have the patience to be an academic. giving dog ivermectin at home   My days are not spent reading textbooks, drowning myself in the latest news and industry trends, or preaching best practices…at least not all of my day.  Figuratively, I am a soldier in the marketing trenches – living and dying by revenue realization. stromectol canada buy   Campaigns are my sword, Sales my ally, revenue my goal.  I spend my time building marketing and sales automation systems, enhancing SEO, building lists, creating campaigns, testing messaging, scoring leads, qualifying opportunities, and digging though data.

What is this blog about?

With the dividing line between Marketing and Sales becoming increasingly blurred, Marketing is focusing on the larger revenue picture in addition to the traditional disciplines.  This blog will discuss real life issues that are occurring in the revenue funnel and the tools and methods that are being used to tackle them.  It will bring you information on, best practices for, advice about, and experience from the entire revenue engine.  This includes building, filling, and improving it.

What is a Revenue Engineer and where did the term come from?

Marketing’s role is shifting toward the creation and management of the entire revenue engine – not just the marketing funnel.  In an effort to describe this new responsibility I came up with the term ‘Revenue Engineer’.  Like many great ideas, someone else had it first.  During my research I came across two mentions of ‘Revenue Engineer’.  One was The Pedowitz Group.  They, and many organizations like them, are the epitome of what revenue engineering is all about.  The second was Mr. Craig Eubanks who you can find at

Are you a real Engineer?

I don’t have an engineering degree or the ring.  My Dad was an Engineer but that type of biological qualification only works for music, movies, and politics.  However, according to Wikipedia this role fits very well with the technical definition of an Engineer.  I’ll let you be the judge (there’s a comments section below if you care to weigh in).

The world of business is diverse – does your blog fit my company’s needs?

I have worked for billion dollar global companies and I’ve worked for start-ups.  I’ve worked in retail, services, and tech.  One thing I’ve learned is that a business is a business is a business.  No matter what kind of company you’re with, revenue is a religion that everyone subscribes to.  I currently work for a small but growing B2B tech company.  As such, my experience is marketing to high-consideration purchasers.  However, the basic principles of a revenue engine scale to any size company in any market so it’s likely you will relate to the content on this blog.

What’s in your toolbox?

I use Eloqua, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and a bundle of other fun stuff.  Although I enjoy my toys tools, this blog is not intended be a sales pitch for any of them.  It’s about building and running a revenue engine with what you have or, as most often is the case, what you don’t have. ivexterm walmart

Who writes this blog?

I’m the primary contributor but I hope to incorporate as many guest bloggers as possible.  If you have an interesting story to share please contact me.