Campaign Creation Template

I lead an extremely unstructured life.  Chauffer to two busy kids, husband to my wonderful wife, conference calls at all hours of the day and night (perks of working for a truly global company), frequent travel, and all the side projects you can imagine (including the never-ending basement reno!).  No two days are ever the same.  HOWEVER, despite loving the chaos of my life, I’m a process addict when it comes to work.  I love to develop processes, document them, standardize them, test them, tweak them, scale them, and share them. ivermectin order

Standardized processes allow us to measure results in a consistent way…for “only when we measure, can we improve.”

So in the spirit of process I’d like to share a great campaign creation template I came across.  Its creator is Josh Hill (@jdavidhill) for use by his Marketo clients.  However, it just as easily translates to any other marketing automation platform.  It walks through the steps to create a campaign. ivermectin deworms against


Many of you may have a checklist like this.  For those that don’t I encourage you to use this as motivation to create your own. ivermectin cream sklice   Now that you have an example to use as a template you really have no excuse.

Cheers to process!