Do Marketers use #Twitter differently than the rest of the world?

This post was actually going to be a quick Tweet but I think it deserves a little more digging than 140 characters can provide.  Post your answer via the comments section.  Here are my thoughts:

Yes, I think marketers do use Twitter differently for two reasons.  First, Twitter has grown into a wonderful marketing tool that is likely at the center of most social media strategies.  Because of this most marketers are less apprehensive about jumping on board and more educated on how to use Twitter.  Second, marketers are trained to push their messages out and preach about their offering – whether it’s their organizations message or their own personal message.  Twitter gives them a simple and effective voice to do this.  Together these factors have *probably lead to a disproportionately large number of marketers signing up for Twitter with a higher tweet rate when compared to users from other lines of work.

*Note the use of “probably” since I have no scientific data to back up this claim.  Ideally I would love to calculate the ratio of marketing users (x) and tweets containing marketing related terms (y) to the total number of marketers in the world (z).  x:z: and y:z could then be compared to other industries.  If anyone has the time to calculate this please let me know. gaminator játékok

I wouldn’t be surprised if these results also spread to other social media such as blogs.  Or maybe my opinion is just tainted by the fact that I’m a marketer writing on this marketing blog!

Does this potentially high volume of tweeting lead to a reduction in the average quality of the content?  That’s a scary though given content is such an important piece of marketing. legjobb nyerőgépes kaszinó

So what do you think?  Are you a marketer addicted to Twitter? 22bet kaszinó online   Do you use it more or differently than your friends in other sectors of business?