Legal Keywords in a Rap Style

Check it, check it, let’s talk some legal bling

Separation agreement is a legal separation, it’s a sort of legal contemplation
Bar end mirrors are they legal in India, let’s find out with a legal zinger
Does a fiance have any legal rights, let’s explore the right sights
There’s a new labor law in India, it’s a legal trivia, a brand new legal criteria
Do you legally need a front license plate, let’s debate this legal fate
Boston Legal Staffeln, it’s a legal drama, a show with a legal karma
Legal document crossword clue, it’s a puzzle, a legal hustle
Criminal law book 1 summary, a key concepts, a legal principles legendary score
Owner operator trucking lease agreement form, a legal form, a trucking storm
Employment contract law firing an employee with a contract, it’s a contract affair, a legal wear and tear